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2004 Martinsville plane Ash
Ash in the pan
Wall Street Ash of 1929
Ash Bandicoot
Ash Money Records
Adobe Ash Player
June Carter Ash
2010 Polish Air Force TU-154 Ash
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane Ash
Grandmaster Ash and the Furious Five
Why are ashtrays not called butt trays? Because we already have seats.
Ash won’t be in EVIL dead 4! Know what I’m feeling? It needs more Campbell!!
Ash used to be wood... ...but it was fired.
Where does Ash get his PokéGear? At the Catch 'Mall.
Dad and I were walking along Ash St.
When he stopped to look at a manhole cover.
"It's a good thing they put this cover here. Otherwise, it would be an ash hole."
I accidentally dropped grandma's ashes into my fog machine. She will be missed.
Before he died, my grandfather’s last wish was that we convert his ashes into a diamond.
What did the log say to the ashes? "You're fired."
When my father dies he wants his ashes pressed into a record It's his vinyl request
I went to Hell for burning a Bible and shooting up the ashes with a syringe.
I guess I shouldn't have taken the Lord's name in vain.
First, dig a large hole and fill it with ashes.
Next, line the hole with green peas.
Then when the bear takes a pea, you kick him in the ash hole.
Why was Ash Ketchum peering through your living room curtains? To catch a Peek-at-you
“Finally, I caught them all”, said Ash as he walked out of the STI clinic
What do a pervert and Ash Ketchum have in common? They both want a Pikachu.
When I die, I want to be cremated in a restaurant.
That way, y'all can take eggs, cream, and a pie crust and quiche my ash.
One tree was a birch tree, and proudly said, "That sapling is a son of a birch!"
The other tree was a beech tree, and proudly said, "No, that sapling is a son of a beech!"
"Certainly I will," replied the woodpecker, and he flew down and gave the sapling a firm peck.
Plastic. Metal. Big red. Ice. Ash. Industrial. My bucket list.
Why did Ash Ketchum enter a singing competition? He heard there would be Garyoake.
After cremating my grandma, I put her ashes into a trophy. She turned it.
Why is Ash your stalker? Because no matter where he goes he always takes a Pikachu.
My grandfather’s last wish was that we convert his ashes into a diamond. That’s a lot of pressure.
One of my father's last wishes was to have his ashes pressed into a record... It was his vinyl request.
The third man thinks hard about this. After a few minutes, he replies, "I'll make chili with his ashes."
Ash Wednesday under Nazi Germany was celebrated very differently. The Nazis celebrated the Reich way.
They notice a small tree has sprouted up in between them. The birch says, "Man, that really looks like a son of a beech!"
The beech retorts, "No way! That's gotta be a son of a birch!" So, they start arguing back and forth "son of a beech" and "son of a birch".
What did Ash say when he accidentally walked in on Misty changing? Sorry, I wasn't trying to get a Pikachu.
The mortician not knowing what to do with the ashes contacts the man's last 3 lovers. All 3 were also men.
A coke addict accidentally snorts his grandma's ashes; how much of it did he snort? About half a gran.
Why was Ash Ketchum on a registered sex offenders list? Because he was caught having a Pikachu.
Do you know what they say about picking the right species of Christmas Tree? It's a huge Pine in the Ash
When my grandma died, I had her cremated and put her ashes in a trophy that said "World's Best Grandma."
When my cousin Frank died, his body was cremated, and his ashes were placed in a decorative German beer tankard.
My dad told me that when he dies, he wants his ashes to be made into fireworks so he can go out with a bang.

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