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List of Best Puns For Art

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If you photograph your pimples, is zit art?
Once I tried to paint the sky but I blue it
If art was ever imprisoned we’d have to Freda art
Even if you’re afraid of paint one day you’ll have to face paint
Heck I just canvas the area before I go anywhere to stay safe
Shouldn’t have taken that sculpture for granite, now look who’s stone-cold
Art Does Not Need To Be Innovative To Be Good Puns
I was going to make a joke about a broken pencil… but it’s pointless.
I suck at art, but I want to become an artist…
Women are a lot like artwork You can admire from afar but don’t touch
The artist was great. He could always draw a crowd.
A not-very-good art teacher was good only at drawing blank faces.
That artist had the magic touch for drawing the crowd.
That art teacher was terrible and all she was good at doing was drawing blank faces.
I am so attracted to that Paris art museum it was like Louvre at first sight.
Many people appreciate art but I am the one that is drawn to it.
Never ever take that artist who created that sculpture for granite.
I want to make sure that I am kept safe with my art supplies so I’ll canvas the area.
An artist fills in a CV by drawing on experience.
That guy who was charged for stealing those paintings was likely framed.
The painter’s painting was so amazing that it was rated off the arts.
Absence makes the painter’s art grow fonder.
The art show was unfortunately canceled hue to lack of interest.
Every picture teals a story about an artist’s life.
The artist who drew my favorite picture really shade my day.
Which barnyard animal is also one of the world’s most famous painters? Vincent Van Goat.
What was the most artistic Harry Potter character? Monet Myrtle.
How did one artist say hello to another artist? Yellow!
Why couldn’t the artist go to the bathroom? He was consti-painted.
Why did the girl want to date an artist? She heard that they do it with longer strokes.
Who do you call a pig who can paint like a great artist? Pablo PIGcaso.
I told the artist that his painting was completely terrible. But I’m not sure if he got the picture.
If Van Gogh were alive today, what would you call his autobiography? The Starry of My Life.
What was the artist’s favorite swimming stroke? The brushstroke.
Did you hear about the really great artist? They say he could really draw a crowd.
What did blue say to orange? I never say no to a complement.
What did one paint say to another when they got in an argument? Don’t use that tone with me.
Did you see the display of still-life art? It was not at all moving.
Why did Van Gogh become a painter? Because he just didn’t have an ear for music
What did Michelangelo tell the ceiling? Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered.
What do you call it when someone is hanging on the wall? Art.
What does an artist call his sketch pad? A house.
What did one painter tell the old wall? Give me one more crack and I’ll plaster you.
Did you hear about the artist’s really mess house? He said it was “a work in progress.”
What did the artist tell his greatest nemesis? I challenge you to a doodle!
Did you hear about the painter who works in jail? They say he had a brush with the law.
What painting is terrible at ever being happy? The Moaning Lisa.
What do you call a mixed media artist who doesn’t have a girlfriend? Homeless.
What do you call the guy who draws pictures of criminal suspects? A con artist.
Where does a cow hang his best paintings? In a moo-seum, of course.
How did Salvador Dali like to start his mornings? With a bowl of Surreal and milk.
What do you call a painting by a cat of herself? A self paw-trait.
Why can’t you peer pressure an artist? Because they really know how to draw the line.
What song does a painter sing when he is in truly dire straits? Monet for Nothing.
What was the name of the roundest knight at King Arthur’s Round Table? Sir Cumference.
Did you hear about the painter who just died? They say he had too many strokes.
Did you hear about the new blonde paint? They say that it isn’t bright, but spreads easy.
Why did the cops arrest a painting? Because it was framed.
Why does everyone paint Easter Eggs? Because it is a lot easier than wallpapering them.
Why can’t a tattoo artist be faithful? Because he always has designs on his clients.
What does a pirate steal when he has the time? Arrrrrrt.
Why did the painter love to paint? Because he was just drawn to art.
What do you call a cowboy who is also an artist? Someone who can draw fast.
Why are artists always colorful people? Because they know how to draw on their emotions.
Why did the girl decide to become an art dealer? Because she wanted more Monet.
What happened when the artist tried to draw a cube? He suffered from a mental block.
Why was the artist dying? He had painted himself into a corner.
What was the art teacher so bad? She could only draw blank faces.
Why couldn’t the writer caption a piece of art? He couldn’t picture the meaning of it.
Where will you find an FBI sketch artist? In the bureau drawer.
Why do old artists never die? They just withdraw.
Why are artists so temperamental? They have to get into the right frame of mind.
Why do old artists never die? They just put things in perspective.
Why did the origami artist win her court case? She was great at doing the paperwork.
What is a definition of art theft? The haul of frames.
Can anyone recommend me some good vaccines? I hear they make you artistic.
What’s an Etch-A-Sketch artists’ worst nightmare?An earthquake.
How does an artist get around?Well quite easel-y.
What is a painting done by a dog called? It is a paw-trait.
How do artists from Japan say ‘goodbye’? They say ‘cyan-nara’.
Why did the painter like to paint? He was drawn to art from the beginning.
What makes artists so colorful? They know how to draw on their emotions.
Why do people prefer to paint their Easter eggs? Wallpapering them is hard.
Why did the cops arrest the painting? Because it was framed.
Why did the painter end up in jail? He had a brush with the law.
What do you call someone hanging on the wall? Art.
How does an artist pick up the phone? ‘Yellow’.
What farm animal is a brilliant painter? Pablo Pigcaso.
What type of person draws or paints pictures of criminals? A con artist.
Why did the painter want to visit the polar bears? He wanted to see the art-ic.
Why didn’t the artist replace his kitchen sink? Because he said that if it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.
What would the theme song be if they made a movie called Louvre Actually? They’d use Celine Dion’s My Art Will Go On.
Why did the artist have to go to the bathroom right away? Because when you gotta Van Gogh, you gotta Van Gogh.
Why was the painter upset when his doctor bought all of his paintings? The doctor thought the paintings would go up in value after his death.

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