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One arm told another arm a joke. The other arm found the joke very humerus.
I am directing a musical about a girl with a fractured arm. It has an excellent cast.
I bumped my arm last week when I was digging for gold. It was a minor injury.
I got back from the Transformers convention today, and boy, my arms are tired.
If you swat a mosquito on your arm, he died in vain.
I was waking up, and suddenly out of nowhere, a fly fell on my wrist. I saw it die on my watch.
What would happen if you started reading 'The Pirate's Wrist? You'd get hooked.
What would you call a group made of arms? They'd be called an army.
What would you call t-shirts with their cut-off arms? Amputees.
How many bones are there in the human arm? One arm-full.
How did an octopus beat a shark in the fight? The octopus was well-armed.
Why does everyone love their arms? Because they're all very attached to them.
Why should you always thank your arms? For always being by your side.
Why is everyone's elbow so boney? That's because it's El Bone.
Why was the minor reported to the police for his arms? He didn't have a license to bear arms.
Why shouldn't every animal have guns? Because then they would become armadillos.
Do you know the Spanish word for 'the bow'? El-bow.
What do you call a depressed man with a robotic arm? A sighborg.
What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in a pool? Bob
I have 6 legs, 8 arms, and 10 heads. What am I? A liar.
What has 8 legs, 8 arms, and 8 eyes? 8 pirates!
My brother lost his left arm and left leg in a terrible auto accident. He is all right, now.
Why did Sally fall off the swing? She had no arms.
I meet a guy with a deer on the end of each arm He was ambidextrous
What do you call an Italian with no arms? Mute.
I told my doctor that I broke my arm in two places.
He told me to stop going to those places
What Ernest Hemingway novel sees Harry Morgan lose an arm? A Farewell to Arm.
What do you call someone with one arm? Hand Solo.
What is a guy with no arms, no legs, to the wall? Art.
I broke my upper arm falling down the stairs.
It's quite a humerus if you think about it.
What do you call a depressed man with a robotic arm? A sighborg
A mime in my town was arrested yesterday after he broke his left arm in a bar fight.
He still has the right to remain silent.
What do you call a guy with one arm and one leg, who sits in front of your door? Matt
Why was the clock not worried after getting an arm amputation? Because it had a second hand.
Have you heard the story of the campanologist that had no arms? No, that doesn't ring any bell.
I lost my wristwatch today somewhere near our house. I guess now it is the neighborhood watch.
Not every person is the humerus. I always tell them that they should arm themselves with more jokes.
Sometimes, I just squat down and wrap my arms around the knees to lean forward. That's how I roll.
A genie granted my wish for longer arms. But he cautioned me that my request could have far-reaching outcomes.
Magicians always have rabbits inside their hats because they usually have Trix up in their sleeves.
Some stranger cut off both my favorite doll's arms and legs a week ago. It's ok. I don't hold crutches.
I got my arm transplant at such a great price yesterday. It was discounted at a second-hand store.
My right arm was hurting horribly between 9 A.M. and 11 A.M. It was the worst case of the ten-ish elbow.
The date of my upper arm surgery got moved to a sooner date than I anticipated. Well, I guess that is a weight off of my shoulders.
There was a boxer in our area who had a problem lifting his arm. It seemed that all his opponents had the upper hand.
Everyone always tells me that I have my right to bear arms. But I never want to fight any bear for its arms.
Mime in the town got arrested after he got involved in a bar fight and broke his left arm. Well, he still knew his right to remain silent.
I cut the arms of my already broken doll to make it new again. It was one of the best decisions I made, hands down.
Why couldn't you give any credit to the elbow for bending your arm? That's because it's one joint effort.
What would you call a toddler running towards her mother with her arms high up in the air? A pick-me-up.
What is the one piece of jewelry that Sigmund Freud always used to wear on his wrist? An ID bracelet.
Why is it better to amputate close to the shoulder? Because it's twice as much work cutting off forearms.
A person with no arms and a knife in his mouth can still technically be called armed, just only to the teeth.

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