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I heard this gem at Arches National Park.
What did the butcher say as his arch-nemesis ran away? We will meet again!
Did you hear about Putin's arch-enemy? His name was Mr.Takeout 
Tom Swiftie: “Who rounded off the top of this doorway?” Tom said archly.
My friend hurt his foot walking around a St.Louis landmark... It was the Arch.
There is a portal I just can't get through. It's my arch-nemesis.
Why do Castle doors have their locks so far above the ground? Because of the higher-key
What do you call your rival meme lord? Your arch-nemesis.
My father pulled this as we watched transformers
What did the monochrome say to the rainbow? Oh no! My arch-nemesis!
My friend's dad dropped this one about marijuana
Who is in diesel's arch enemy? Vin gasoline
Who is David Tennant's arch enemy? David Landlord
What's the name of the Arch nemesis of Sirius black? Casual White
Beetus' arch-nemesis approached him... "Die, Beetus."
Why did the bee fly in a parabolic arch? Just bee-cos.
Do you know what the arch enemies of skinheads are? Blackheads.
Why did Louis XIV seize possession of an Italian triumph? To absolutely claim it as, "Monarch"
I often get a cramp in the bottom of my foot It's my arch-nemesis.
Why did the two podiatrists hate each other? They were arch enemies.
What do you call competitors of McDonald's? Archenemies.
Who did Noah hire to build his boat?   An architect of course!
Why don't architects get into heaven? Jesus was a carpenter.
One arch said to the other arch: „I hope you collapse and die.“ You see, they were arch enemies.
A director wanted to make a movie about Batman, but sadly D.C. wouldn't allow him to film it.
I have a rival, but I can only fight him when we meet up under curved architectural structures. He's my arch enemy.
My 17-year-old daughter and I made up a joke today! Q: Who is the bread God’s arch-enemy? The Antichrist!
I must admit, my arch-nemesis did a good job impersonating me... ...Indeed, he was a worthy faux.
When my wife was putting on her makeup, I told her that she had put too much arch in her eyebrows.

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