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What do you call a male deer with only 1 antler? 50 cents
It’s weird that male deer have antlers... You’d think they’d have Uncles.
Sometimes a doe can actually grow antlers I guess you could call them transgenic-deer
I saw 2 ski racks on a new F150 that made them look like antlers...
If ants had horns what will they be called? antlers.
If you see a deer without antlers acting crazy don't try to eat it without cooking it first.
What do you call a buck that sheds its antlers? Transgender
What do you call a cow with antlers? A Moose.
Does anybody know how much Deer antlers cost? I was told they're always 2 for a Buck.
An animal with big antlers jumped into my car and drove it off...
I had to go to the doctor's because I grew antlers after eating Mexican food...
Did you hear about the cow that tried to grow antlers? It was utterly pointless.
What's pink and has antlers? A strawberry moose.
I had to go to the doctor's because I grew antlers after eating Mexican food...
Did you hear about the cow that tried to grow antlers? It was utterly pointless.
Better pack an umbrella because the forecast calls for a lot of reins…. deer.
I didn’t want to make this caption punny, but that would have been a little rud….olph.
Do I count as royalty if I reign deer?
I used to hate puns but these days I’m finding them a lot more reindeer.
Oh, deer! Pulling out all the stops this Christmas.
Alright, looks like it’s Christmas! Time to rein it in.
I was told to “take the reins” and maybe I took that a little too seriously.
Exploring some new deer story with this look – what do you all think?
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
A very merry Christmas to you and all those Deer to you.
I don’t usually like cheesy holiday outfits but I love these dearly.
Call me Rudolph because I do believe I’m sleigh-ing it.
Anyone who dresses up as a reindeer this Christmas is a man Antler my own heart.
And then they lived happily ever Antler…
Feel free to call me Rudolph because I am getting LIT tonight.
Having a Rud-awfully good time this Christmas!
Where do reindeer usually grab their morning coffee? Star-BUCKS!
Why did the Queen try to take over the North Pole? She wanted to reign deer.
Why was Santa so pleased with Rudolph guiding the sleigh? Because it was a Bright idea.
Why does Rudolph’s nose glow red while he’s sleeping? He’s a light sleeper.
What do you call a reindeer with no manners? Rude-Dolph.
Did you hear the one about the buck who shed its antlers? Oh, never mind... It's pointless.
To all the people who put antlers and a nose on their car: You can't fool me, I know that's a car

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