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Why was the anteater so lonely? Cause there’s no such thing as an uncle-eater
Scientists definitively confirmed today that anteaters are incapable of contracting coronavirus.
What do you call an evil anteater? Ardth Varker
Curiosity killed the cat... but alliteration attacked the anteater.
Scientists confirmed today that anteaters are incapable of contracting Covid...
Why don't anteaters ever get sick? They're full of anty bodies.
What do you call an anteater? uncle.
How can we determine an anteater's diet? Inference.
Why don't anteaters get sick? Because they have all those antibodies in them, of course!
An anteater named Jack was persuading a frog named Webby to eat the ants from the anthill.
I used to be an Anteater But then my uncle came home and kicked me out.
Humans can catch diseases from monkeys and bats, but why not anteaters? Because they are filled with anty bodies.

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