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If there is a record for how many times a person can twist their ankle
A priest twists his ankle, what's the first thing that happens? Heparin.
Recently, my friend had his ankle bone crack. I told him he shouldn't be so broken up over it.
I decided to wear ankle weights for yesterday's race and I came second
Sadly I hurt my ankle the other day Not to worry, it's heeling well
When you ejaculate on a woman keep it above the ankles.
Bob got into a horrible accident and had to have his legs amputated below the ankles.
TIL that when the ancient Assyrians captured an enemy, they cut his legs off at the ankles.
How deep does water have to be to be ankles deep? Two feet
My daughter said her ankle hurts when she walked on it.
Someone kicked me in the back of my ankle.
I accidentally sprained my left ankle today. Next year, I'll surely start on the right foot.
You can tell a lot about a girl just from looking at her ankles
I was confident I could win the duel until my opponent swung his sword at my ankles.
I tripped over a box of Kleenex this morning and thought I had broken my ankle.
Two knights were fighting and one landed a cutting blow to the ankles.
Sometimes I like to grab my ankles and lean forward But that's just how I roll.
Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear? To keep his ankles warm.
Harrison Ford has broken his ankle. There will now be a new Star Wars cast.
How does a man who has just had his legs cut off at the ankles feel? Defeated
Hear about the guy whose brother cut off his leg below the ankle? Treachery was afoot.
I don't always roll a joint... But when I do, it's my ankle
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Bite his ankles.
Are you a woman who wants longer lashes? Try showing a bit of ankle in Saudi Arabia
I keep a sandwich in a holster strapped to my ankle for emergencies.
I just rolled a joint...Now my ankle hurts
If you travel on a cramped plane, you end up with jet lag.
Some people don't like leg puns because they can't stand them.
I love my legs because they always stand up for me.
Usain Bolt is a really good runner because of his kind soul.
I think my fridge has a broken leg because it's not running.
If you fracture your leg's back while getting on a plane, it is an airline fracture.
My son and I both have knee problems. It is a joint issue.
Sadly, I hurt my ankle the other day but don't worry, it's healing well.
When you forget you have knees, it is called amnesia.
People tell actors to break a leg because every play has a cast.
I just saw a play about a man with broken legs, and the cast was terrible.
The doctor told the man with the broken leg that it was going tibia okay.
Do you know that a horse with a cast ran in last week's race? It was lame.
Breaking a leg while auditioning will ensure that you make it in the cast.
I don't mind doing leg days at the gym, but it's the two days after that I can't seem to stand.
When is being ankle-deep in mud worse than being waist-deep? When you're upside down.
Just read a book about our ankle Was a painful experience as it had a lot of unexpected twists.
I thought I broke my ankle when I tripped on the tissue box Turns out it was only tissue damage
A group of archaeologists gathered to find the leg bone of an ancient man. It was a real shindig.
My brother’s ankle was hurting him yesterday He asked me to check it out, so I put a checkmark on it.
How is spraining your ankle like having erectile dysfunction? Either way, you'll be walking with a limp.
As I walk around the children’s party I think, “Wow, it was really easy to get that ankle monitor off.”
Did you hear about the guy who lost both legs at the ankle in a fight...? He was badly de-feet!
Recently, my friend heard his ankle bone crack. I told him that he shouldn't be so broken up over it.
I felt a little sad for my lucky sock when I looked down and saw another rip, this one baring my entire ankle.
What did the doctor say to the patient who fell and broke their ankle? Well gee, you should be feeling swell in a couple of days.
Oscar Pistorius jailed for 5 years after authorities failed to find a good way of putting an electronic tag around his ankle.

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