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What's the president's backup plan in case the USA gets invaded? USB
The USA has finally been upgraded to be fully digital. The new America is called USB.
It’s a shame nothing is made in the USA anymore.
What do you call Bees from the USA? USBs
I asked my daughter which state she likes most in the USA, but she didn't answer
What comes after the USA? USB.
Why didn’t the USA switch from pounds to grams? Because of mass outrage.
The USA have Lemsip, while the Russians have night nurse It’s the Cold War.
What do you call the wall between Mexico and the USA? The language barrier.
What's heavier, a gallon of water or a gallon of butane? Water because butane is a lighter fluid
In the USA you get about 4 eggs in your breakfast. In France, one egg is un out.
Nobody knew about Soleimani in the USA until recently.
What was so wrong with the USA... ...that they had to go and make a USB?
What's the most Down-to-Earth state in the USA? Florida.
When a coin goes from Russia to the USA seeking asylum it is Metal Defecting.
Why did Donald trump throw the sick eagle out of the USA? Because it was illegal.
Why are clubs in Mexico better than in the USA? Hispanic at the disco
Why aren't there knock-knock jokes about the USA? Because freedom rings.
Why are people never hanged in the USA anymore? Because all they got is a fake noose
Three European contrabass players were denied access to the USA at the airport customs
Imagine if the USA switched from pounds to kilograms overnight.
What do you call a Canadian who has been living in the USA for too long? US Eh
Now that the USA is no longer the pre-eminent superpower of the world, what's next? USB
Make sure your Viagra is made in the USA. you don't want Russia meddling in your erection
Why is Abe Lincoln the least guilty out of all the presidents of the USA? Because he is In a cent
The USA turns 241 years old this July 4th... ... which means that it will go back to being indivisible
Did you hear about the tornado in the southern USA that was swallowing everything in its path? It was called the VoreTex-as.
I was doing research on the presidents of the USA And my computer froze on the 35th one. You got to be John F kidding me.
According to USA Today, people have become less accepting of LGBTQ+ Americans since the election.
My theory as to why the USA and Cuba had their dispute was because of oil. Evidence you say. I just found Fidels Castrol
Why Did France Send Such a Large and Heavy Version of the Statue of Liberty to the USA? Because it violated their statute of limitations.
Why is the USA afraid to convert to using kilograms instead of pounds? We're afraid of mass confusion!

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