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Jousting. What a Brummie asks a bee.
What type of accent does a fish have Finnish?
If me having a Russian accent means my B's sound like V's... Soviet
The Russian President doesn't even have a Russian accent... he's just Putin' it on
Say “beer can” in a British accent. No, wait, that’s “Bacon” in Jamaican.
What’s a redneck with a British accent called? An Australian
I'm obsessed with bad jokes about arenas said in a German accent.
How to master Australian accent in seconds
Where do pirates put the French accent mark cedilla? Under the sea.
A man with a Mexican accent is delivering snails to a French restaurant.
What do you call a Nordic cyclist with a Filipino accent? Biking.
What does a crow with a jersey accent say to the man about to step into traffic? "CAW! CAW!"
I like jokes that make fun of accents. You like jokes that don't work in text form. Potato potato.
A pun about eyeballs or a pun about Australian accents? Which one is the cornea
I bought an accent table, but I can’t understand a word it is saying.
Accent walls should be called y’all walls
Two people with amnesia and bad accents were arguing who was Chris and who was Wong.
Brit advocates are good Lawyers (accent!)  Liars geddit?
The kids asked me why our Alexa in the basement has an Australian accent
“Your accent makes you sound like you’re from the USSR.” “Then Soviet.”
I recently bought an accent chair made in S
cotland... I can't understand a single thing it says!
It is actually the best accent in the world and is not at all, in any way, like a kick in the balls.
The truth is, everyone is hugely mistaken about the accent.
Basically, you can stop playing hard to get, we know you want this accent.
So a Californian man has been in Boston for quite some time and has picked up on their accent a bit.
And many have told tales of hearing the Brummie accent and experiencing a life-changing epiphany.
Women can do a much better Black Country accent than men. That’s because the female of the species is more Dudley than the male.
Yorkshire chap asks a goldsmith to make a statue of his dog. Goldsmith asks “Eighteen carats?”. He replies, “Nay, chewing a bone”.
A Geordie chap walked into a hairdresser's and asked “Can I have a perm please?” Hairdresser replied, “I wandered lonely as a cloud….”
I was walking through Botanic Gardens in Belfast the other week when I saw two ducks. One said “quack”. The other said, “slow down, I’m going as quick as I can”….
A man walks into a baker's in Glasgow and says “is that a cake or a meringue?”. The chap says “no, you’re right. It’s a cake”.
TIL babies cry in accents I also learned that going around making foreign babies cry is apparently looked down upon
What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4K? “Why does Reddit keep making the same joke about MI accent?”
To all the people who listen to my Indian accent and automatically assume I’m in IT, let me tell you something.
A Yorkshireman takes his cat to the vet to be neutered. ‘Is it a tom?’ asks the vet. He replies, ‘No. It’s in the box”.
A man walks into a retro shop in Birmingham. He says “I’d like a kipper tie please”. The chap behind the counter says “milk & sugar?”
A man goes to a barber in Glasgow and wriggles about in the chair for a second before he settles. The barber says “comfy?”. He says “Clydebank”.
I have been studying Russian with my friends and I realized we change b's into v's in the accent
A knitted afghan can be a good accent piece that can also keep you warm... That's just a blanket statement.
When James Earl Jones auditioned for Darth Vader, George Lucas told him he had to have a Mid-Atlantic accent.
I asked my wife to fake an accent from a developed country tonight... to fulfill my fantasy that we have healthcare.

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